Tenant Q&A

What is your application fee?

$50 per adult.  Married couples, unmarried couples or roommates must all apply separately.

How long does it take to make a decision on our application?

It can take up to a week depending on the information that we need to gather and if the application was complete when it was submitted.

I didn’t get the house.  Is my application fee refundable?

Generally speaking, application fees are nonrefundable.  We can transfer your application to another available property that we manage.

Do you meet me at the property for the move in?

We put a lockbox on the property and give you the code the day of move in so you can move in at your convenience.

Why don’t you accept tenant phone calls?

All communication needs to be in writing.  Not only is it more efficient, but we can CC all occupants so everyone is on the same page.

Is there a reason my lease wasn’t renewed?

There could be several reasons why a lease isn’t renewed from payment history, lease violations, conduct of tenants or the sale of the property.

Can we modify the lease?

No, leases cannot be modified as we stay consistent to be in compliance with Fair Housing laws.

What are your move out policies? 

Our move out guidelines are in the lease.  Failure to comply will result in additional move out charges.