Owner Q&A

What kinds of services do you offer?

We offer full service property management and
tenant placement services.

How do you decide on the rent price?

We do in-detail market research in your neighborhood to determine the rental range. Our goal is to get your home rented fast for the highest dollar possible.

How do you screen tenants?

We do a search for credit, eviction, judgement, bankruptcy, employment and rental verification.

What is your management fee?

The management fee depends on the rental amount but the average cost is 10%.

Do you have hidden fees?

All costs associated with our services are listed in our Property Management Agreement.

Do I get to pick my tenant?

We do not allow owners to have a say in who gets placed in their home.  The property management company is liable for all fair housing regulations and therefore, the property management company will make the final decision.  Our goal is for the landlord to not have to worry about property management – that’s why you hire us!

What happens if my tenant pays late?

We move quickly to evict non-paying tenants – at no cost to you.

Should I allow pets?

We recommend that you allow pets in the home.  If a tenant wants a pet, they are going to get one regardless of what our policy is.  It’s better than we can regulate it from the beginning.

Can’t I just use my sales agent to manage my home?

Property management is a whole different field of real estate.  We recommend you use a company that specializes in property management that is up to date on the VRLTA and participates in educational activities.  Frequently, sales agents only focus on the sale where there is a larger income for a one time transaction and aren’t experts in property management.

What is your cancellation policy?

Owners can cancel with 60 days notice, however fees for the remainder of the lease term will still be due.

Can I modify your lease or management agreement?

Our leases and management agreements cannot be altered. Property management only works when policies and procedures are consistent.

How long does it take to hear back from you?

Emails are generally returned within a few hours while calls are returned within 24 business hours.  We hold ourselves to a higher standard with communication and are not one of the property management companies you need to reach out to multiple times over the course of a week to get a response.

What is your required escrow amount?

We keep $400 in your repair escrow account.  If a repair exceeds that amount, we will email you to get approval prior to doing any work, unless it is deemed an emergency and time is of the essence.